10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need javascript background image

This is a nice tutorial on how to create a background image for a website with JavaScript. It is a bit complex since it involves using CSS with the background image that you select. I opted to skip the image selection, which is an easy solution. I’m sure the image is there, just not visible.

This is a great tutorial on making a website with JavaScript. It’s a bit complicated but it works in my opinion. It’s also perfect for creating a website with CSS. It’s simple, but I really like how it’s done.

CSS background images is one of those things that makes me think twice before I do it. This is a great example of how I feel about it. Im sure I could figure it out myself, but I would rather just have the website look good on any browser. Its a great way to save a lot of work and time.

I do think you should allow javascript background images. I know its not the most popular solution, but its something you should at least think about.

Its a lot more of a hassle than I thought. It can be quite tedious to put CSS in your HTML, but it does give you the ability to show a background image on a page. You can have the same background images appear on multiple pages in the same page by putting them in different tags, but if the javascript background image is also in a separate tag, it will cause IE7, and probably other browsers, to throw an error.

I’m all for having javascript image references for your javascript images, but I’m not sure it’s worth it in the slightest to do it. There’s a lot of good CSS-based solutions out there, and it’d be nice if you could share one of them with us.

Thanks to one of our users, we’re able to get this working for him. If you don’t use javascript, you can place the same image in a separate file, and that file will be used on every page as the background image for a div.

Sure, we could have just hard-coded a bunch of divs around the image, and that would work even if you had no javascript. But we like having you create these divs. It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and it gives us an opportunity to show you how it’s done.

Our new javascript backgrounds are built on our theme, and are made of CSS and inline styles. They have two parts to them, the CSS background image and the CSS style for the div. That can be placed anywhere on your page, and the CSS background image can be used on every page.

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