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Hello! This is the first time I’ve posted something that isn’t just another quick note to tell you I’m still alive. This post is actually pretty long, but I hope you’ll be able to read it in its entirety.

This week at the JavaOne conference I got to spend some time with the C++ guys from Oracle, and they were all very interesting. I hope you enjoy the video.

The next post I promise will probably be a video, but I want to tell you about the awesome new books I got for Christmas, and the new book release by my good friend Nick Poulos.

These days the internet is packed with a lot of cool books, and I really love the fact that you can buy them online directly from publishers. However, books that are published in hard copy, or even in paper, can often contain errors and grammar mistakes. If you want to check out the books I just bought, my good friend David A. Wardle is hosting a book release party on Tuesday. I can’t wait to check those books out.

You can’t tell from the title or the image what sort of book you’re selling at the time, but if you are selling a paperback, a book about the same subject and content, then you probably won’t get the chance to look at it. The paperback book may have been made by a publisher as a gift, but it’s not so much a gift as it is a product.

Books are usually made to be read. That is, they are a product that needs to be enjoyed, not just looked at. Books are so much more than just a book. They are art, like a painting or sculpture. I think The Artist’s Way or The Book of Hours are two great examples of this. The Artist’s Way is a classic work of literature, and The Book of Hours is a classic work of religious art.

In this case, just as a book is a product, a book is a product that has to be enjoyed, not just looked at. The Artists Way is one of my favorite books, and I think it is one of the best examples of how to write a book. I think it is like a beautiful painting, and I think it is a beautiful piece of literature. I think it is the most beautiful piece of literature I have ever read.

I’m in agreement with that. The Artist’s Way is a book that I’ve gone back to read often over the years. It is the ultimate story of life, and a book about the life of the artist. I think it is the story of a life of faith. A life of dedication and passion. A life of sacrifice. A life of love, and a life of love.

I’d be more comfortable writing this. I’m not going to use a whole book to cover what I like to write and what I don’t like to write. I just want to write a short story about a life that I love and that I am proud of.

I think what is most important is not what the story is about. The story is about faith. Its about faith in God, faith in humanity, faith in a good and loving creator. The story is about the story of art. The story is about the story of life.

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