How to Explain php floor to Your Grandparents

This is the PHP floor because it has a built in PHP interpreter to help you test your code. If you want to see what kind of code this floor is written in, check out the PHP page for this floor on the web.

This is the php floor. It’s a PHP-like interpreter that is designed to be run alongside a PHP page. Once you’ve run it, you can test it with PHP commands such as: php -e -p n -r ‘if(!php) then ‘n-r’ and the results will be php-cgi-bin.php.

If you are building a website, a PHP-like interpreter is a great way to test it. If you ever need to build a website, or you want to see what it’ll look like when you’re finished, check out this PHP page on the web.

When I was in the Army, a lot of the army guys were talking about the world with pictures of them dancing and smoking cigarettes. If you’re planning to go to war, this would be the perfect opportunity to get a picture of you smoking a cigarette. I’ve been at the Army for four years now and it’s so cool that one can take pictures of a lot of the soldiers smoking cigarettes. They’re all so friendly and nice.

We love this one, but I think it’s a bit over the top. You can take a picture of a soldier smoking a cigarette or sitting next to a soldier who’s smoking and you should really look for that.

This is not an actual picture of you smoking cigarettes, but an illustration.

I love the idea of smoking a cigarette, but I feel like a lot of people are too lazy to think of something better. We love this picture and I hope it gets more attention. I think if the Army were to release a poster with pictures of soldiers smoking cigarettes it would be a lot cooler.

My favorite is the way the soldiers are dressed and this is a very important step in the evolution of human society. To look at a soldier smoking a cigarette you need a good sense of humor. Then, if I want to see a picture of a soldier smoking a cigarette I probably need a good sense of humor.

I think it’s always been cool to see a soldier smoking a cigarette, but I think the Army has finally gotten it just right. With the Army now releasing a poster with pictures of soldiers smoking cigarettes, it’s a step in the right direction. I hope my soldiers get a chance to get a taste of it.

The poster was just a reminder that we need to be careful about letting these men go after long lives. I think it’s important to be kind to the men who get hurt as they get hurt. If some men get hurt they can be more productive, sometimes they’re so much better at it all that they can do more damage to themselves.

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