How to Outsmart Your Boss on vbscript dateadd

vbscript has a dateadd function. This is a function that allows you to create a date and a time. In an example, the date is set to today and the time is set to 12:00AM.

The dateadd function is what dates the date that the script is created. The time is what you set to the time of the script, and the date can be whatever you want.

vbscript dates are always set to today. But you can use the dateadd function to set the date to whatever time you want. In this particular example, the date is set to 12:00PM. If you run the script at 12:00PM, it will add 12 to the date and then set the date to 12:01PM.

And if you run the script at midnight, you will get a date of 1/1/12 and the time of 120000.

But the dateadd function is a bit tricky. If you don’t know the time, it’s hard to tell what the dateadd function is doing. So this function can make the script run at midnight or 1201 or any time you want. But you still need to give your date a value. And in this case, we have to use the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

And that is how the vbscript dateadd function works. You give it a variable, the date in the format ddmmyyyy, and then it will add 12 to the date and then set the date to 1201 or 120000 as appropriate. This function will also return the value of the new date, if you want it to display it on screen as well.

The main reason to get this function built into your script is to have a script that can take as many parameters as you want. And once you have the script run in this way, it has to send you a message when it needs to send a new date. By doing this, you can have that script run in a different time.

I think it’s also worth noting that you can also use it to get the current date and time. This is the same as the dateadd function, only you can send the date and time directly to the script.

You can also use this function to get a date and time to send the script to. However, be warned, if you use it to send the date and time, it will send it to the script in the same time as the one you actually use.

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